Sepura Intrinsically Safe radios receive certification for the Brazilian market

Sepura’s STP8X Intrinsically Safe/ ATEX TETRA radio has received certification in Brazil.  INMETRO, Brazil’s public entity responsible for the quality and safety certification of all products entering the country, has given the green lights to Sepura STP8X hand-portable radios in accordance with  the latest IEC norms (IEC 60079-0:2011 and IEC 60079-11:2011). 

IEx, an independent Brazilian INMETRO-accredited certification organisation, thoroughly evaluated the results of the IEC tests undergone by Sepura radios. Sepura STP8X’s existing IEC certification enabled a fast approval process making the radios more quickly available on the Brazilian market.

IEx employs globally renowned specialists in the field of electronic equipment and telecommunication and includes professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the explosive atmospheres field and in the development and accreditation of national and international registrations. IEx has been INMETRO-accredited since 2009 and, in less than 5 years, has issued over 700 certificates for products in diverse categories, including approximately 370 certificates for ATEX products.

Giovanni Hummel Borges, Technical Director for INMETRO commented:  “IEx’s strategy is to seek the fastest and most effective way to certify a product. The success of a product registration also depends on the quality of the collaboration with the contractor. IEx’s experience of working with Sepura confirms that smooth processes and successful outcomes are the product of positive and transparent interaction between the parties”.

Simone Kawahira, Business Development Manager for Brazil at Sepura said: “We are thrilled with this decision and very impressed with the professionalism of all IEx representatives involved in the process.  Now that our STP8X is fully approved for use in the Brazilian market we can’t wait to demonstrate all of its benefits to users operating in hazardous environments and extreme climatic conditions.”

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