Sepura in Germany

Sepura in Germany

26th May 2009

Sepura offers public safety users in Germany the broadest range of TETRA radios and a tailored BOS-net solution. Sepura’s extensive portfolio of hand-held, vehicle-based and covert surveillance radios satisfies the exacting demands of the police, fire and ambulance services world-wide for secure and reliable communications.

In Germany, a powerful alliance with Selectric combines specialist expertise, professionalism and knowledge of the market, with unparalleled pre- and post-sales customer support. Sepura and Selectric’s partnership has secured BOS-net contracts in the federal states of Bavaria, Bremen, Niedersachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt. A little over two years ago Sepura established Sepura Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary based in Garching near Munich, in order to offer direct support to both Selectric and customers. This decision was motivated by the recognised need to stay in close contact with the German market, so as to anticipate and capture BOSnet users’ future requirements.

The STP8000 hand-portable breaks news ground in TETRA by providing a radio that combines PMR and cellular features – and operates in the most physically challenging conditions. The STP8000 is rugged, durable, easy-to-use, has outstanding audio clarity and offers reliable communications. Full of intuitive features, the STP8000 assists the introduction and use of data applications. It has unparalleled water, dust and impact resistance and its robust rugged accessory connector connects underneath protective clothing, via a remote speaker microphone.

Sepura’s STP8100 hand-portable is a variant of the class-leading and advanced STP8000. This radio will suit many public safety users because of its optimised keypad and maximal functionality. In addition, Sepura introduces in the STP8100 an important feature: the Man-down reporting option.The compact SRH3900 hand-held radio, with its impressive colour display in the same style as the STP8000 hand-portable, illustrates Sepura’s continued investment in the SRH3000 range.

An important and market-leading feature of Sepura’s product portfolio is the gateway functionality in its SRG3500 vehicle radios. This acts as a relay point for both handheld and other vehicle radios, extending the trunked network into areas of limited coverage – the exact scenario expected during the roll-out of the BOS network.

Listening to the German market

Sepura carefully studied the German market and has developed a number of important features specifically for this market. All Sepura radios support the BOS-specified E2E encryption security system. A new BOS smart card holder has been developed for use with Sepura’s mobile and gateway products. A new Handset Based Console (HBC), combining the functionality of the traditional radio console and telephone handset, allows even more flexible vehicle installations.

In addition, important safety assistance for users is now available through Sepura’s automatic Man-down reporting option. This multi-dimensional motion sensing technology automatically reacts to changes in the orientation of a radio caused by non typical movement behaviour of its user, resulting in the transmission of local and remote emergency alerts.

Added value – Sepura Solutions Partner Programme

Sepura Partner Programme stimulates growth in partnership with third party solutions and services for the benefit of the global TETRA user community. Selectric has developed a network independent dispatcher, the NiTD; this is a versatile mapping and location finder and can operate via a Sepura radio in either Trunked or Direct Mode. The NiTD is one of many solutions available from Sepura through its Solutions Partner Programme.

Sepura has added an increasing number of German partners to the many othersfrom around the world. These currently include: CeoTronics, Elektronik-Labor Carls, Eurofunk Kappacher GmbH, GCD Systeme GmbH, Holmberg, Imtradex, Schnoor Industrieelektronik GmbH & Co, Selectric, and WeTech.

Selectric provides first-class customer support
Sepura customer support is unparalleled. Sepura has its own Germany-based technical sales engineers who work in partnership with Selectric, to offer pre- and post-sales support. Selectric, based in Munster for the past 30 years, operates one of Sepura’s accredited global repair centres, providing a local repair service with minimal downtime for Sepura users.

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