Sepura goes the extra mile

Sepura goes the extra mile with its new portfolio of audioaccessories and motorcycle kits

25 May 2010, Singapore – Sepura announces the expansion of its portfolio of STP handportableaudio accessories and motorcycle kits. Within the last year a dedicated development team at Sepura has responded to customers’ operational requirements by tripling our range of audio accessories. These new accessories have all been designed with a broad range of field deployments in mind and will enable users to work effectively in many more areas of operation. From the competitively priced two wire patrol solution to the high quality and very durable tactical headset with throatmicrophones, each accessory gives users the opportunity to take full advantage of the varied features of Sepura’s STP hand-portable series of radios.

A recent project for the Portuguese Government stands as a remarkable example of Sepura’s successful new audio accessory strategy. Sepura worked very closely withPortuguese police officials and delivered fit-for-purpose TETRA accessories identical to their existing analogue accessory solution.

Mike Kirk, Sepura’s Product Manager explains: “Sepura’s fully tested and trialled solution not only broadens the scope of our STP hand-portable radio, but most importantly is also suitable for the world-wide TETRA market and further underlines our commitment to deliver the highest quality Sepura-branded accessories to our customers”.

The new Sepura motorcycle kits similarly offer a flexible, fully configurable and scalable solution to meet operational and budgetary needs for both vehicle and hand-portable radio installations. These new kits can accommodate a full range of applications; from small to large bikes, from low cost to advanced functionality, from wired to wireless and are available in three different tiers: Standard, Enhanced and Advanced – each with progressively increasing levels of functionality. Each solution is fit for purpose and can be used in harsh terrains thanks to its high levels of water and dust protection. In particular, one of the most significant and exciting improvements and enhancements to the motorcycle kits is the availability of Bluetooth audio.

Kirk says: “The enhancement of our motorcycle kits and the extension of Sepura’s audio accessories portfolio is the result of our commitment to customers to provide high quality products at an affordable price”.

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura concludes “The new range of high quality audio accessories and motorcycle kits has been designed to take our existing family of products to an entirely new level. We aim to make Sepura the supplier of choice by providing a one-stop-shop for the complete radio and accessory package”.

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