Sepura extends contract with Panama Canal Authority

Sepura extends contract with Panama Canal Authority

Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has again selected Sepura SRH3500 sGPSTM hand-held TETRA radios for one of the world’s busiest commercial waterways.

After an initial order a year ago and with the network coverage infrastructure now fully in place, the contract was won in a public tender together with Datatel, Sepura’s partner in Panama.

Datatel will supply nearly 600 Sepura SRH3500 sGPSTM hand-held radios and accompanying accessories and training, together with over 120 SRM3500 mobiles. The order also includes Sepura’s Radio Manager that automatically configures the radios and significantly reduces the logistical challenge of maintaining a fleet of TETRA radios.

“ACP selected this solution in a public tender which Sepura won due to its technical excellence and competitive prices. This latest win builds on the earlier success that Sepura has had at ACP and demonstrates Sepura’s commitment to building long-term business relationships in the Americas,” commented Marco Gateno, Datatel’s President.

The 80km long canal provides a unique service to world commerce and shipping, and cuts through rugged terrain that presented huge challenges for both Sepura and Datatel and the infrastructure provider in rolling out the communications network. This will play a vital role supporting the continual improvement of the canal as well as the forthcoming project to widen the waterway to cater for a new generation of giant container ships.

Tim Mills, Sepura’s Regional Director for Latin America, added: “This second order is another example of the growth of Sepura in central America, and it also a further illustration of a successful partnership with our distributor Datatel playing a pivotal role to secure the contract.”

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