Sepura demonstrating ESN-Ready Device-to-Device RSM Prototype at BAPCO 2020

Sepura demonstrating ESN-Ready Device-to-Device RSM Prototype at BAPCO 2020

Sepura will be demonstrating a proof of concept solution at the BAPCO show in Coventry this week, showing how existing TETRA radios can be repurposed for the forthcoming ESN network. A Sepura SC21 is being utilised as a wireless Remote Speaker Mic (RSM), driving an ESN device whilst also providing a solution for Direct Mode Operation, a capability currently not available on existing LTE devices.

The proof of concept has been developed in conjunction with the UK Home Office to show how current TETRA devices can be repurposed to be used during and after the ESN transition, ensuring maximum return on investment for each force, while also making use of proven, market-leading radios.

UK police forces have purchased over 65,000 SC Series hand-portable TETRA radios from Sepura in the last 18 months, all of which would be eligible for the repurpose solution, available on both the SC21 and its larger sister model the SC20.

The demonstration allows the solution to be controlled from a single device while switching between ESN RSM, TETRA direct mode and TETRA TMO operation. By utilising Sepura’s market-leading SC Series radios, the solution inherits the radio’s operational advantages; clear audio, water porting in the speaker and microphone and the compatibility with Sepura’s proven, rugged accessories.

The only change required to the devices from their current configuration would be a software upgrade; otherwise the solution represents a low cost, low risk investment for UK public safety organisations.

You can visit Sepura on stand D1 at the BAPCO show in Coventry on 10 and 11 March. Further details can be found at

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