Sepura delivers its 250,000th TETRA radio

Sepura delivers its 250,000th TETRA radio

Sepura, the leading TETRA radio supplier, announced today that it has delivered its 250,000th radio. Whilst the largest supplier of TETRA radios to its home market, the UK, this notable milestone also marks a doubling of Sepura deliveries to international markets, each year for the last three years. Sepura is the fastest growing supplier to the international TETRA market.

The 250,000th radio was delivered to Russian Railways, the world’s largest transportation company, responsible for almost 80% of Russia’s rail transportation network. Sepura radios are used on the Moscow rail network for inter-train communication between drivers, as well as for communication with maintenance staff and station duty officers. The radios will also support critical data transmission between trains and the rail network’s automated-control systems.

Sepura is supplying SRH3500 hand-held radios and SRM2000 mobile units as part of the contract won by one of its Russian partners, Globalsvyaz.

Graham Matthews, Managing Director of Sepura commented, “This is a landmark delivery for Sepura and for the TETRA industry. The TETRA market is now mature and fast growing. Sepura is now the second largest supplier of TETRA radios. We have a longstanding relationship with Russian Railways and have been supplying TETRA radios since 2003. Therefore, it is particularly pleasing that our 250,000th TETRA radio has been delivered to them.

Dmitry Alpatov, Deputy General Manager at Globalsvyaz commented, “When Russian Railways first undertook a huge programme of modernisation in February 2003, Sepura was the only supplier of TETRA radios in the 450 to 470 MHz range, the Government’s approved frequency. The radios supplied over the years have enabled us to not only improve our efficiency, but also increase our data transmission capabilities. In addition, they are interoperable with the many different TETRA infrastructure types that we use.”

Sepura has the largest and most comprehensive portfolio of TETRA radios, which support communication within military organisations, commercial companies and the emergency services.

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