Sepura delivers its 1,000,000th TETRA radio

Sepura delivers its 1,000,000th TETRA radio

21st May 2012 – Ten years after its launch, Sepura announces the delivery of its one-millionth radio. This milestone event has extra significance as the one millionth radio is an STP8000 for the Qatar Ministry of Interior (MoI) – emphasising Sepura’s commitment to meeting the needs of critical communication users in the Middle East region.

Receiving Sepura’s 1,000,000th radio, Brigadier Eng. Al Salem Al-Henzab, Director of Telecommunications and Operations, Ministry of Interior, Qatar, said: “We’re delighted to celebrate such a remarkable milestone with Sepura and its Qatari partner Consolidated Gulf Company, CGC. The decision to deploy Sepura STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radios was unanimous. We believe that the STP8000 stands out because of its 1.8W RF power – which delivers extended coverage, and for its high-capacity battery capability – which ensures reliable communications during longer shifts. Both of these features are of great value to Qatar Police”.

Sepura’s radios in the Middle East address communications requirements in a variety of sectors across a wide range of user organisations in Jordan, Oman, Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, plus a considerable number of contracts. The region’s oil and gas and construction industries are also now showing extensive interest in Sepura’s Intrinsically Safe radio STP8X which provides optimum reliability in harsh conditions and in potentially explosive gas and dust environments.

“Delivering our one-millionth radio is an achievement that we are extremely proud of because it demonstrates the leading role Sepura plays in the global adoption of TETRA”, says Gordon Watling, CEO of Sepura. “The delivery to Qatar MoI marks our commitment to the Middle East where we are developing a strong customer base. With each new contract we demonstrate Sepura’s knowledge of the challenges facing communications in the region and the relevance of our expertise in meeting them. “We delivered our 500,000th radio in 2008. Another significance of today’s remarkable milestone is the considerably shorter time taken for Sepura to deliver the second 500,000th radio – this demonstrates our impressive levels of growth”.

Anil Mahajan, Chief Operating Officer, CGC, congratulated the MoI on receiving the exclusive millionth Sepura radio. ”We at CGC are proud to serve the MoI among 300 plus valued TERA clients and over 10,000 end users in Qatar. Kudos to long term strategic partner Sepura on achieving this great feat. Milestones like this strengthen our commitment and deliverables as the first and foremost TETRA solutions and service provider in the country.”

Marking the achievement

To celebrate this milestone, and with the TETRA World Congress (TWC) fittingly being held in Dubai this year, Sepura presented the millionth radio to Qatar MoI at a customer event at TWC on the 15th May.

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