Sepura delivers cutting-edge communication to the Dutch Royal Military Police

Sepura delivers cutting-edge communication to the Dutch Royal Military Police

Sepura announces a major contract win with the Royal Military Police in The Netherlands (Koninklijke Marechausee or KMAR). Sepura celebrates this renewed success with KMAR along with Abiom, its distribution partner for Benelux.

Sepura’s high performance STP8000 hand-portable TETRA radios proved an impressive solution for KMAR. Designed to perform in the most physically challenging environments, the STP8000 delivers continuous operation in the face of knocks and drops and extreme weather conditions. In addition to a remarkable range of in-built personal safety features, the STP8000 enables seamless co-ordination and communication with other emergency services through the Dutch government’s public safety network.

With wide-ranging responsibilities, which include protecting the country’s national borders and policing civilian airports, KMAR is set to deploy 3,500 Sepura STP8000 hand-portable radios in the coming months. KMAR has been a Sepura customer since 2002, and will replace its existing fleet of Sepura TETRA radios with the new hand-portables, putting the very latest advanced communications technology into the hands of its users and officers.
The hand-portable radio’s large high-resolution colour screen will enable officers to display images and access a range of sophisticated data-transfer applications. The fantastic audio performance will deliver crystal clear communication in any scenario – including high background noise locations like airports.

“Cutting-edge communications technology is integral to performing KMAR’s day-to-day undertakings,” Bas de Grood CEO for Abiom says. “Sepura’s STP8000 delivers the fail-safe performance KMAR needs and the ability to tailor the force’s communication capabilities to the requirements of any operational unit.”

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