Sepura confirms market leadership in Germany

Sepura’s German partner, Selectric Nachrichten Systeme GmbH, has announced the award of a contract for 7,200 Sepura TETRA radios by the Federal State of Lower Saxony, confirming Sepura’s market leadership in Germany.

The Framework Agreement between the Lower Saxony authorities and Selectric was signed in Hanover on 3rd May. As with all the contracts awarded to date for the supply of radios for use on the German public safety TETRA network – also known as BOS-net – this significant success results from the effective working partnership between Sepura and Selectric as well as responsiveness to the users’ operational needs and Sepura’s best-in class products and solutions.

The contract also includes delivery of STP8X hand-held TETRA radios. Sepura’s STP8X is the toughest and most robust TETRA ATEX/IECEX hand-portable available on the market today – a claim validated by the fact that it is the only IP67 TETRA Intrinsically Safe radio and the only TETRA radio to meet version 6 – the latest version of the ATEX and IECEX specifications.

With 15 out of 16 German states and federal authorities having awarded contracts for procurement of radios for BOS-net, Sepura and Selectric have established a market leading position in Germany – the largest TETRA market in the world.

“We are proud to continue our strong association with the German Police authorities; one which is rapidly becoming a real showcase achievement for us and for the TETRA market world-wide. It enables Sepura to demonstrate the appropriateness of its secure, robust and reliable radios in situations where only the best communication links are acceptable,” says Kasper Barfoed, Regional Director for Sepura.

Hendrik Pieper, Managing Director of Selectric Nachrichten Systeme GmbH adds: “This is the third contract awarded by the Lower Saxony authorities for the supply of TETRA radios. We won the first contract – one of the first German BOS contracts to be awarded. So, winning this prestigious customer “back” is particularly rewarding as the Lower Saxony authorities made this decision after benchmarking Sepura radios against the competition. This success is once again proof of the outstanding quality of the Selectric/Sepura offering.”

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