Sepura claims new world speed record for TETRA terminals

Sepura claims new world speed record for TETRA terminals

Sepura TETRA technology provided successful radio communications during the high speed rail world record achieved by the French TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) on 3rd April 2007.

The French high-speed train, the VT150, a highly upgraded TGV, broke the existing world record when it reached 574.8 kilometres per hour. The speed run took place on the new railway line between Paris and Metz that will become fully operational in June this year.

The rail speed world record was organised by Rseau Ferr de France, SNCF (Socit Nationale des Chemins de Fer) and Alstom, a world leader in transport and energy infrastructure. Sepura’s vehicle radio SRM3500 was installed in the VT150 and operated on a specialised radio communications infrastructure deployed by the French systems and integration company Etelm.

Mr Pierre Minot, President of Etelm said “Successful audio and data transmission on TETRA was achieved at 574.8 Km/h! This is indeed an astonishing and remarkable achievement for all those who made these tests happen. At such a high speed it is fundamental that the handover between the TETRA base stations is uninterrupted. The Sepura SRM3500 performed flawlessly and enabled continuous communications throughout the speed run.

Mr Minot continued: “On the VT150 running at this fantastic speed audio quality must be exceptionally clean and intelligible. Among all the TETRA radios deployed for the tests, Sepura SRM3500 delivered a very high level of performance in terms of continuity of communications, speech clarity and reliability”.

Richard Redgrave, Regional Sales Director for Sepura commented “Sepura SRM3500 is the first TETRA radio to operate and perform successfully at such a high ground speed! We are proud that Sepura’s name is associated with this world event and are grateful to French Railways and Etelm for their dedication and hard work”.

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