Sepura broadens its range of state-of-the-art TETRA handportables with STP8200 radio launch

Sepura broadens its range of state-of-the-art TETRA handportables with STP8200 radio launch.STP8200 STP8100 STP8000 Hand-portable TETRA Radios

25th May 2010, Singapore – Sepura launches the STP8200 hand-portable TETRA radio at the TETRA World Congress 2010 in Singapore. The STP8200 is an extension of Sepura’s STP series of hand-portable terminals. Uniquein TETRA, Sepura’s latest radio combines essential TETRA and PMR (Private Mobile Radio) features, and the simplicity, ruggedness and high performance which make the STP series perfect for established Public Safety markets.

The STP8200 presents a streamlined user interface and a monochrome display visible under all lighting conditions – including direct sunlight – making it an attractive option to emerging TETRA markets: local government organisations, campuses and hotels, transport and utilities. The introduction of the STP8200 broadens Sepura’s range of TETRA hand-portables developed to improve efficiency, usability and personal safety while reducing operational costs for its users. Sepura’s STP series includes the market-leading STP8000, already selected by tens of thousands of users world-wide, and the STP8100, which sits between the STP8000 and STP8200 hand-portables in terms of functionality.

All STP hand-portables are available with blue, yellow and red bezels (front facet of the radio) to enable rapid identification and improved visibility of the radio. These are particularly beneficial to organisations which allocate the radios on a role basis and need to identify them quickly in emergency situations. Sepura’s STP hand-portables can perform in the most physically challenging environments and offer high standards of water and dust resistance. In addition, their 1.8W RF power extends coverage beyond the reach of other manufacturers’ hand-held radios, delivering the reliable communications that are so vital in mission critical operations.

All of the STP hand-portables can include optional GPS and Man-Down functionalities which radically improve user safety, whilst their impressive front-facing loud speaker – the largest in a TETRA hand-portable today – delivers clear audio even in the noisiest of environments. They also provide secure encryption, ensuring confidentiality of information, plus extensive data service support. Sepura’s hand-portable radios are future-proof, designed to be compatible with both current and future accessories.

Mark Barnby, Product Manager for Sepura said: “The STP8200 is the perfect addition to Sepura’s product family. This hand-portable places Sepura in an ideal position to reach a wider range of TETRA users through a comprehensively tiered range of tough, powerful and affordable products for all market sectors.”

Steve Barber, Head of Product Strategy for Sepura concluded: “Every new product we launch and every enhancement of our existing portfolio of TETRA radios is the result of extensive evaluation of the specific communication needs and requirements of our customers and of other major external influencing factors. The STP8200 is another tangible example of our ability to deliver what our customers need, want and – most importantly – can afford.”

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