Sepura broadens its product portfolio with the launch of the SRB8000, the first 1.8W TETRA radio board.

Sepura broadens its product portfolio with the launch of the SRB8000, the first 1.8W TETRA radio board.

SRB8000 – Sepura Radio Board

19th October 2010, Cascais, Portugal – Sepura launches the SRB8000 at TalkTETRA 2010, Sepura’s channel partner conference.

The SRB8000 is a high performance voice and data capable TETRA radio board. It is a highly flexible and customisable TETRA engine ready to meet the requirements of third party solution providers. The SRB8000 has been designed for easy integration within third party products to provide solutions for a diverse range of applications including automatic meter reading, mobile computing, traffic management systems and telemetry.

The SRB8000 allows third party applications to send and receive information, using voice, multi-slot packet and circuit mode data, Status or SDS messaging services.
The SRB8000 is fully compatible with all TETRA infrastructures, and by offering TETRA Air Interface Encryption it can even enable third party products to operate on secure TETRA networks. Its customisable RF power – up to 1.8 Watts in Trunked and Direct Mode – delivers reliable communications and extends coverage beyond the reach of competitors’ radios.

For the first time system integrators can add TETRA capability in a straightforward manner and communicate using simple industry standard AT commands to send Status and SDS text messages as well as open a packet data connection and allow Internet and intranet connectivity or even to set up or answer a voice call.

Developed with the emerging TETRA data market in mind, the SRB8000 is aimed at specialist solution providers and systems integrators whose target markets include Police, Fire and Ambulance and also at data solutions providers for the transport and utility sectors.

Mark Barnby, Senior Product Manager for Sepura commented: “The SRB8000 is the fourth new product Sepura has released this year. It has been designed to allow specialist tablet PC manufactures and data and telemetry solution providers to cost- effectively and easily add a powerful 1.8W TETRA bearer into their products. It is the perfect addition to Sepura’s product portfolio and is another good example of how we listen to the market and deliver the products that our customers want. As with all our products, we have ensured the SRB8000 is 100% compatible with Sepura’s existing programming and crypto software tools, allowing users to maximise the use of their existing investment and reduce the total cost of ownership”.

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