Sepura becomes leading TETRA supplier to the Australian mining sector

Sepura can proudly claim to have played a leading role in promoting the growth of TETRA in this sector in one country in particular: Australia.  In little more than one year, Sepura has won nine prestigious contracts with major mining organisations.

Gorgon, Fortescue, Rio Tinto, BHP Mount Arthur, Ravensworth, Xstrata Newlands, Gindalbi Karara, Kanmantoo and Tempco are the nine Australia-based mining organisations to have recently deployed Sepura TETRA radios for their digital communications.

Robustness and ruggedness are undoubtedly the key features that have made Sepura radios the TETRA terminals of choice for the Australian mining industry.  Mining operatives are known to work in some of the harshest natural environments and terrains; hence their communications tools must be able to withstand extreme climatic conditions and temperatures.

Sepura hand-portable radios’ Man Down emergency feature – one of the most accurate in the TETRA market today – and their exceptional audio quality are vital features for mining personnel who often need to work in isolation in very challenging and noisy settings and wide-spread areas.  In addition, the radios’ advanced GPS functionality and their 1.8W RF power are crucial features for the health and safety of mining personnel.  The 1.8W RF power delivers extended coverage and more reliable communications that are so vital in mining environments, which change and expand continuously, with personnel often working long shifts.

The increasing adoption of TETRA by the mining industry is further evidence of the growing popularity of TETRA technology outside the public safety sector.  More and more commercial organisations have started to enjoy the benefits of TETRA and the reliability, robustness and advanced features that Sepura radios offer.

Kenneth Hubner, Director of Sales for Sepura said: “We look forward to replicating our outstanding Australian success in other parts of the world.  We very much believe that our recent major contract with MIBRAG open-cast mines in Germany will pave the way for the adoption of TETRA by the wider commercial arena in Europe and other continents”




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