Sepura and VNC Automotive showcase in-vehicle hybrid broadband solution

Sepura and VNC Automotive showcase in-vehicle hybrid broadband solution

Cambridge UK, 6 March 2023 – At BAPCO 2023, Sepura will be presenting the latest developments in its broadband portfolio by showing the integration of the SCU3 hybrid LTE/TETRA device with in-vehicle infotainment solutions.

VNC Automotive’s Cobalt Cube® product enables the integration of the SCU3 as well as ancillary devices such as light bars, sirens, CCTV and facilitating the control of these devices through a vehicle’s existing touchscreen. This capability significantly reduces the costs and complexity of installing multiple devices and offers forces a proven upgrade path to deploy dual mode devices.

Built on the market-leading Android operating system, Sepura’s SCU3 is a mission critical hybrid device, providing compatibility with a wide range of applications designed to run on existing Android devices whilst also featuring a TETRA module, enabling narrowband voice and data.

Use of the Cobalt Cube demonstrates the integration of Sepura’s LTE device with a vehicle’s existing infrastructure, enabling the SCU3 to drive the transition to broadband capability while enabling organisations to run hybrid fleets.

Vehicles and control rooms can use the Dual Mode SCU3, benefitting from access to data and applications to support their operations, and to mission critical voice through TETRA, while frontline staff can continue using their existing TETRA hand-portable devices for operational voice communications.

The hybrid capability of the SCU3 Dual Mode offers a migration path with a trusted supplier for users looking to utilise high speed access to critical operational data to enhance their operations.

Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer for Sepura, said: “For customers who aren’t sure on a migration strategy to LTE, the use of a dual mode device offers the opportunity to continue using a proven solution in TETRA, while developing a strategy around broadband data services which require high speed bearers such as LTE.”

Tom Blackie, Chief Executive Officer at VNC Automotive, said: “Cobalt Cube is simple yet powerful, helping to make public safety organisation’s vehicles safer and more efficient by integrating devices into one solution. The integration with Sepura’s next generation critical communications devices is a perfect example of this, enabling us to reduce the number of devices in a vehicle and the complexity of the installation, whilst providing an easy-to-use interface for each vehicle user.”

Sepura and VNC Automotive will be demonstrating the solution at the BAPCO show in Coventry, 7-8 March 2023. For more information, please visit

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