Sepura and Telex Communications enable enhanced system integration(1)

Sepura and Telex Communications enable enhanced system integration

Sepura is pleased to reveal another first in the world of TETRA. Sepura’s PEI interface is the first TETRA interface to be compatible with Telex Communications’ IP-223, IP-Based Radio Adaptor.

This system compatibility, which grew out of a close cooperation between Sepura and Telex Communications Inc., will enable full integration of Sepura TETRA radios with any existing radio system, analogue or digital. In addition, it provides the industry’s first low-cost, simple-to-implement route to system expansion, back-up and migration. This means that operators will be able to sample the advantages of Sepura TETRA terminals without having to commit to an entire system replacement.

TETRA system compatibility is achieved through a software upgrade of the Telex IP-223, IP-Based Radio Adaptor and an interface cable supporting connection to Sepura’s SRM2000 Mobile Radio. Dispatchers will gain complete control of the radio, including receive and transmit audio, channel change and call ID.

Sepura and Telex Communications’ successful development make it possible for operators to progressively transfer an analogue system to a digital one; Sepura’s TETRA terminals can operate concurrently alongside analogue equipment on the same system. The progressive and uninterrupted transfer approach to digital systems enabled by this configuration has significant associated cost savings for operators planning to make this transition.

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