Sepura and TCB agree to manufacture TETRA radios in China

Sepura and TCB agree to manufacture TETRA radios in China

Sepura, a world leader in the supplier of TETRA radios, and Tianjin 712 Communication and Broadcasting (TCB), one of the largest electronic technology companies in China, announced an agreement this month that will enable the manufacture and supply of TETRA radios in China.

The occasion was marked by a signing ceremony in the home of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Mansion House, attended by Mr. Bo Xi Lai, the Chinese Minister of Commerce, and Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Trade & Industry in the UK.

The strategic alliance makes Sepura the first global TETRA supplier to manufacture TETRA handsets in China. At the ceremony Mr. Gordon Watling, Chief Operating Officer of Sepura, commented: “This day marks an exciting new era for Sepura, TCB and TETRA in China. It will bring the full breadth of available TETRA technology to the Chinese market by using Sepura’s world-leading products, and TCB’s strength and presence in China. We believe that together we have formed a truly formidable partnership.”

Attending the signing in London, Mr Ma Yang, Vice President of TCB, stated: “This alliance with Sepura makes TCB the first company in China to deliver locally-developed and locally-manufactured products with world-leading TETRA functionality.

The agreement allows us to accelerate the delivery of Chinese-made products with enhancements designed specifically for the evolving needs of Chinese customers. As well as providing world-class performance and functionality, Sepura’s radios have achieved interoperability (IOP) certification with all major TETRA infrastructure suppliers.”

Sepura TETRA radios have been approved for use by Beijing Just Top since 2005, the company that operates the Beijing Government’s shared TETRA network, which is currently the largest digital trunking network in the Asia Pacific region.

During the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2008, the network will provide seamless secure radio communications for users in the city of Beijing and its environs – including all Olympic venues and sites. To meet the timescales for the 2008 Olympics, Sepura and TCB will commence production of Sepura radios in 2007.

Sepura was the first company to provide TETRA products for the Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s 350-372 MHz radio frequency band in China. This latest agreement confirms Sepura’s status as a major supplier of TETRA technology in the country and further strengthens the ability of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (MII) TETRA to meet its localisation objectives for China.

Commenting further on the new alliance, Gordon Watling said: “Sepura is committed to long-term development and preferred partnerships in China. This co-operative agreement gives us the ability to deliver the technical, pre- and post-sales support that has become the hallmark of our service in-country. It will ensure that government agencies – and other mission critical organisations in China – benefit from fast, local response.”

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