Sepura’s CEO Elected to The Critical Communications Association Board

Sepura’s CEO Elected to The Critical Communications Association Board

Sepura’s CEO Steve Barber has been elected to The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) Board, adding considerable experience to the leadership team of the industry body.

Steve brings to the Association a thorough understanding of global critical communications user requirements, as well as extensive experience in supplying and manufacturing fit for purpose devices and managing technology evolution.

His election pledge to commit to the development of open critical communications standards and interoperability is reinforced by Sepura’s long standing commitment to driving mission critical technology standardisation and innovation. “As a network agnostic company, focused on our customers’ needs, we have led multi-vendor interoperability for many years. This has been of significant benefit to users, giving them choice and flexibility when selecting their communications solution and minimising proprietary implementations that restrict the market and slow down innovation.”

Alongside his support for open standards, Steve plans to focus on supporting the ongoing development of both narrowband and broadband solutions, and the evolution of 3GPP standards for mission critical markets.

“TCCA is an industry-wide body, and I am committed to representing all Association members rather than the interests of an individual organisation,” he says. “I look forward to working within TCCA and with the wider critical communications community in the coming years.”

Steve’s election to the Board opens a space on the TETRA Industry Working Group, which will be taken by Sepura’s Chief Technology Officer Peter Hudson. This ensures that both current and future mission critical users have a trusted supplier voice representing their views across the TCCA.

TCCA Members who wish to discuss relevant issues with Steve can contact him via the Sepura website, on LinkedIn or at the Sepura stand at major trade shows.

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Image: There are more than 2.5 million Sepura TETRA radios trusted by mission critical users around the world today

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