Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency selects Sepura

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency selects Sepura

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has selected Sepura to supply its’ officers with more than 5,000 TETRA radio terminals. This contract win was achieved in conjunction with Promocom Corporation, Sepura’s long standing Partner in Korea. The win marks a further success for Sepura in Korea and follows the lead of other major cities and emergency services in the country that already use Sepura products.

Policing the capital city, with a population in excess of 10 million people, requires TETRA radio terminals that deliver rapid, secure, easy to use and cost-effective mission critical communications.

Promocom Corporation, Sepura’s leading partner in South Korea, secured the order to provide radios, supporting equipment, software and training. Promocom will supply Sepura SRH3800 sGPSTMhand-held radios, and SRM3500 and SRG3500 in-vehicle radios.

The order is one of the first in Asia to include Sepura’s market leading Radio Manager that automatically configures the functionality and group profile of the radios. Radio Manager is now in use with multiple Sepura users around the world, significantly reducing the logistical challenges of maintaining a fleet of TETRA radios, saving time and money on software and configuration updates, and audits.

Soo-Bok Lee, President of Promocom, says: “Sepura radios fully comply with Korea government specifications. Stringent technical evaluation tests by the police agency led them to placing the order, showing Sepura to be the most superior TETRA radio. The Police were also impressed during these tests with the local expertise, after sales service facilities and Sepura’s sales and technical support.”

Telecommunication experts undertook the evaluation, which included technical performance, ease of user operation, audio quality, GPS location and coverage performance.

Kevin Graham, Regional Director for Sepura, added: “This order follows other significant sales to Government, Public Safety and Industrial sectors in Korea and highlights the outstanding quality and performance of our products. SMPA is an experienced user of TETRA technology and we welcome them as a valued Sepura customer.

“This contract confirms the strong relationship with our partner Promocom and their commitment to supporting Korea’s nationwide TETRA project. The National Emergency Management Agency project is one of the biggest and most important TETRA deployments anywhere in the world today, and we are excited that we will be playing a major role in supplying terminals into it as high numbers of users migrate over the next few years.”

For more information contact:

Chris Johnson
Sepura Ltd
Radio House, St Andrew’s Road,
Cambridge CB4 1GR, England.
phone: +44 (0) 1223 694647

About Sepura:

Sepura is the world’s leading independent TETRA terminal supplier. Sepura designs, develops and supplies digital (TETRA) radios for the public safety market (such as police, fire and ambulance) as well as Military, Transport and Utilities. Sepura, headquartered in Cambridge UK, has an international network of distributors and partners supplying organisations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Sepura offers the most comprehensive and largest international range of TETRA products. Its radios are available in the widest range of TETRA frequency bands and operate on all manufacturers’ infrastructures.

Manufactured by Siemens in Austria, Sepura’s product portfolio comprises vehicle-mounted and hand-held radios, the world’s most popular covert radios, 10W mobile gateways and the most advanced programming support tool on the TETRA market today: Radio Manager. Among the many options available with these radios are the multi-award-winning, fully-integrated sGPS™ receiver and the most comprehensive range of air interface and end-to-end encryption algorithms.

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