Selex ES presents newly unified Selex ES do Brazil at LAAD 2013

Today at LAAD, Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, announced its newly united subsidiary ‘Selex ES do Brazil’. The subsidiary has been established to support the aspirations of Brazil to expand industrial capability in high technology areas such as security and defence with the aim of creating independent national support capability, technology transfer and reduced reliance on external suppliers.

With a comprehensive offer in terms of architectures, systems, products, solutions and support in the fields of defence and security, Selex ES intends to play a major role into the development of the fabric of the Brazilian industry. The Brazilian company will have a major role in sustaining partnerships with local companies and enhancing the transfer of technology to Brazilian partners, in line with the Selex ES internationalisation strategy.

Selex ES do Brazil’s offices are located in Rio de Janeiro, where over 90% are Brazilian nationals employed as engineers and technicians who support production and maintenance activities at all levels, and where the Company has made a multi million Euro investment in setting up a I and D level repair centre in country. The company will continue to support all its customers by providing local support and resolution of all matters associated with programmes being acquired by the Brazilian armed forces, including complex technological systems such as radar, communications, command and control and cyber security.

Selex ES do Brazil facilities include Technological and Maintenance Centres for the support of complex systems, including those in service with the Brazilian Navy. The operational and maintenance support centre itself comprises three main facilities, an area which is dedicated to integration and test, another for maintenance activities and finally a dedicated training facility for advanced learning and development programs. In particular, one part of the training facility offers e-learning training, while another is set up as a multimedia room and has been designed with augmented and virtual reality technologies as a support to maintenance and operational training.

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