Selex ES presents its approach to the protection of territories and citizens in an interconnected world at CPEXPO

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is sponsor and exhibitor at CPEXPO – Community Protection, 29-31 October at the International Fair of Genoa, Italy (Hall B stand n.31). This is the first global event dedicated to Community Protection: from Critical National Infrastructures (CNI), to cyber security and smart cities.

“Multi-layered, integrated CNI protection in an interconnected world” is the title of a workshop to be held on the first day from 14.00 to 16.00 in Room E. The session will be moderated by Lorenzo Fiori, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Finmeccanica and will see contributions from panelists that include Paolo Piccini, Managing Director of Smart Systems & Security division at Selex ES. Delegates will hear about the integrated solutions and the vision proposed by the Company in the defence of territories and critical infrastructures.
Ports, airports, logistics hubs, communication infrastructures and cyber security are the foundations on which the economy, health, growth and security of a country rest. The Company will present case studies and examples which will illustrate the Selex ES approach to the defence of these assets and the benefits to organisations in having an enhanced situational awareness through sensors and applications interconnected through a robust telecommunications system.

In addition to its presence in the conference programme, Selex ES will display the IMSS (Integrated Mobile Security System), the mobile operational central for the protection of critical infrastructures, equipped with a range of technologies for emergency communications. Used in scenarios ranging from Law Enforcement to Homeland Security and major events protection, IMSS allows users to make on-board real-time analysis for effective coordination and support to operations.

A video will be dedicated to Expo 2015, where Selex ES acts as “Safe City & Main Operation Centre Official Global Partner”. This event is an example of the Company’s capability to integrate different technologies into a single platform to monitor the event, collect and integrate data from numerous security systems deployed across the estate and provide situational awareness to the operators. The platform will be also connected with the law enforcement systems.

Also available at CPEXPO will be an interactive touch-screen presentation dedicated to integrated and complete offering to airports, which includes Air Traffic Management, Baggage Handling, smart management of land communications, mobility, security, energy, logistics and ICT. Selex ES is a leading contributor to airport operations, providing systems for air traffic control to more than 150 countries and at the same time supportiing airport operators and passengers with solutions which bring efficiency and sustainability.

Over 29 and 30 October, Selex ES will also take part in several seminars organised by the University of Genoa. Topics to be covered are: safety in transportation, maritime and port security, protection from cyber threats and role of telecommunications in emergencies.

Genoa and the Selex ES approach to Community Protection
Some of the Company’s key projects in Community Protection have been implemented in Genoa, where Selex ES employs over 2,000 people. Together, the Finmeccanica Company has realised: the project for port safety management (gates control, perimeter security, and network infrastructure for secure communications); the video surveillance system for the town police station; and the info-mobility system for the City transportation (the management of local public transport, information at bus stops, traffic lights centralization, and access control in restricted traffic zones).

Selex ES forms part of “Genoa Smart City”: with its main areas of activity concentrating on security (including a study in order to increase public safety within the area of the Maddalena in the old town, through a cooperative system of participatory urban security and another project monitoring the risk of landslides through a wireless sensor network) and energy saving (such as analysing the consumption of municipality properties, including Palazzo Tursi).

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