Selex ES consolidates its businesses in the US and Germany to enhance the company’s international network

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has created two new entities, named Selex ES Inc. in the USA and Selex ES GmbH in Germany, each incorporating the activities carried out within these two countries. The strategic rationale for these two mergers is to continue Selex ES’s development of a strong international network of subsidiaries delivering reliable financial returns, while at the same time creating a firm foundation and presence in key markets.

The creation of a strong international network of subsidiaries is a key
component and a critical success factor in the growth strategy of Selex ES.
Selex ES Inc. is the result of the merger of the former US subsidiaries SELEX Systems Integration Inc., SELEX Communications Inc. and Elsag North America LLC. These operated in the fields of Air Traffic Management, Communications and Law Enforcement respectively. The newly formed entity has around 150 employees, annual revenues exceeding US$ 60 million and is run by Mike Warner as Managing Director.

In the US Selex ES also maintains the subsidiaries Selex Galileo Inc., working in the domain of defense electronics, Sirio Panel inc. providing human to machine interfaces, control panels for cockpit, display solutions and interior/exterior lighting systems for commercial and military aircraft, and Lasertel, manufacturing high-power semiconductor laser components and developing customer laser solutions.

In Germany, the activities of the former SELEX Systems Integration GmbH, which operated in the field of meteorological radar, and SELEX Communications GmbH which worked in the field of communications, have been combined to form Selex ES GmbH. This new company includes about 200 employees with a turnover of approximately € 60 million and is run by Ulrich Nellen as Managing Director.

In Germany Selex ES also keeps operating through its subsidiary Vega Gmbh, a consulting, technology and IT services company.

The US and German companies have built successful domestic and international export businesses in the fields of Air Traffic Management (ATM), law enforcement, communications and meteorological systems. Bringing them together will create larger and more capable groups able to exploit their respective market positions, providing opportunities for growth and creating new possibilities for synergies and efficiencies.

Selex ES has a presence in 12 countries with 17 wholly owned or jointly owned companies. During 2013 they were all successfully integrated within the company’s international operations and a process of rationalisation and consolidation is underway to enable the group to more effectively exploit opportunities within key countries

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