Selex ES at LAAD Security 2014 to show security capabilities across land, sea and air domains

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company is attending LAAD Security 2014, in Rio de Janeiro at Rio Centro Exhibition centre from 8th to 10th April. The company will be showcasing its capabilities in securing the land, sea, and air domains. With a focus on its security solutions for public safety and critical national infrastructures including ports, airports, and oil and gas platforms, Selex ES is displaying its professional communications solutions such as the TETRA; surveillance radars such as the LYRA 10 portable radar integrated into a ground border control system, together with its Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) and latest solutions for Integrated Airports and major events management. 

Selex ES is a perfect partner for development effective security solutions; whether for complex integrated turn-key solutions, complete subsystems, or just for single products across the varied defence and security domains.

To better operate in Brazil, Selex ES has established its subsidiary company Selex ES do Brazil. The subsidiary is able to support the aspirations of the country to expand its industrial capability in high technology areas such as defence and security with the aim of creating an independent national support capability, technology transfer and reduced reliance on external suppliers.

Public Safety with Selex ES Professional Communications
Selex ES draws upon a wealth of global experience in the design and delivery of systems and services tailored to the unique demands of public safety services. Solutions built to operate where failure is not an option and continuous availability and resilience underpin every aspect of operational support. Within this domain Selex ES is at the forefront of professional communications and has a rich heritage in the design and deployment of mission-critical network infrastructures as well as in professional communications innovation. Selex ES provides secure, integrated, reliable and interoperable multi-technology solutions to support the efficient operation of public safety and emergency services, civil protection agencies, transportation bodies, utilities and homeland security agencies.

Selex ES’s communications solutions have been delivered to more than 50 countries for purposes ranging from the protection oil & gas infrastructures to transport, law enforcement, and major events. Based on the experience in designing, implementing and operating TETRA networks for mission critical operations, Selex ES is now introducing to the market PERSEUS – a family of products and sub-systems designed operate at Core Network, Command & Control and Terminal level and offering a reliable solution able to manage different radio access technologies as a single network.

Major Events
Selex ES develops and manages non-invasive solutions to secure major events for the safety of participants, operators and the territory in which they take place; supporting the organisers at each stage, from installation to the support during and post-event. 

Previous events that have relied on Selex ES for their safety include: the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin for which the company developed a video surveillance system and a professional radio telecommunications network based on the TETRA standard; the Florence stage of the cycling World Championships in November 2013, also featured a TETRA network for secure communications, as to did the recent winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Selex ES has also been chosen as official protective perimeter security provider for over twenty venues at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, including the of the athlete villages. The company is also the technology partner of Expo Milano 2015 for which it will provide a Safe City & Main Operations Centre able to monitor and supervise the event security. 

Integrated Airport
Selex ES is at the forefront of integrated airport solutions with the company able to claim Air Traffic Control solutions operating in over 150 countries worldwide with its. The company’s Integrated Airport in particular is a scalable solution able to make data and information available to all the airport operators, coordinate and plan the best use of resources, support a fast introduction of innovative services with the purpose of wholly improving all the airport functionalities, while guaranteeing the uninterrupted management of current operations.

Critical National infrastructures and Border Control
Selex ES designs and delivers turnkey safety and security solutions for National borders and Critical National Infrastructures by integrating proprietary technologies with selected third party products and systems. The company offers solutions to protect against both physical and cyber threats, ensuring optimal protection.

The Ground Border Control System (GBCS) is the Selex ES solution for the effective monitoring and control of national borders. It is based on an innovative system of distributed territory sensing and control, supporting the dynamic allocation of resources. The LYRA 10, part of the integrated GBCS solution is on show at LAAD Security. The radar belongs to a family of coherent, pulse-Doppler radar, transmitting low power wideband coded pulses, designed both for land (LYRA 10) and coastal (LYRA 50) border surveillance.

In the naval and maritime domain, Selex ES has developed the integrated Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) designed to provide advanced solutions for the control and management of safe vessel traffic, maritime environment monitoring, and Search & Rescue (SAR) operations support.

Also on show are Selex ES Soldier Radios, short-range, all-informed, voice communications systems used by front-line troops in close-combat warfare. Alongside its use by dismounted infantry, the Personal Role Radio is now used extensively for support tasks, such as base protection, static observation points and intra-vehicle communications.

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