SELEX Elsag at Milipol

SELEX Elsag, a Finmeccanica company, is taking part in Milipol, the major technological showcase for products and services in the public and industrial security sector. The event will be held at the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris from 18 to 21 October.

SELEX Elsag’s offering for the Security and Law Enforcement markets meets the special protection
requirements of mission-critical infrastructure platforms for defence, public administration, national security agencies, police forces and large enterprises, providing solutions based on a model that combines organisation, proprietary technologies and cyber security.

On its stand (034-3E), the company will display the following products and solutions:


SELEX Elsag’s offer based on TETRA technology: ElettraSuite VS4000, the latest version of the TETRA/TEDS mobile radio family designed for professional users and FPG3 enhanced data management panel. The following TETRA solutions are also exhibited: ElettraSuite Dispatch Console, a fast and easy interface supplying a complete set of TETRA features such as voice and data communications, dispatch management, graphics and database information; ElettraSuite PUMA
T3 Plus handset designed for users relying on mission-critical communications and ElettraSuite
PUMA T3 Plus2 Ex handheld terminal providing high performance communications with comprehensive user safety, especially in potentially explosive environments.

The company will also showcase its Integrated Video Surveillance S3I, a system for security and surveillance management which provides continuous, real-time images about security conditions of every structure through the integration of sensors, cameras and control software, and its Cyber Security System, an integrated platform which correlates logical and physical events, analyzing not only the IT network but also the critical infrastructure, and tracking event occurrence trends.

Law Enforcement

PSS (Patrol Support System), handheld biometric solution for territorial monitoring and control, and the electronic bracelet ESSI&O (Electronic Surveillance System Indoor and Outdoor), which permits the continuous monitoring of the presence of a subject within a defined area, inside and outside, reporting anomalous occurrences to the operation centre. Also on display is the Auto Detector, an integrated system that automatically reads vehicle license plates and processes images and data acquired, comparing them in real time against a hot-list of reported vehicles stored locally in the vehicle.

SELEX Elsag Auto-Detector technology will be also displayed on the Safran stand (034-2C) integrated in the Morpho’s Average Speed Solution “MESTA SMART”. In June, SELEX Elsag and Morpho signed an agreement for the development of commercial and industrial operations in the field of “Road Enforcement and Safety” equipment, taking advantage of the complementary nature of their products and technologies in the fields of vehicle identification, speed measurement and red light

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