SELEX Communications takes part at Aero India 2011

SELEX Communications takes part at Aero India 2011

SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica company, is to take part at Aero India 2011, from the 9th to
13th February in Bangalore. The company is showcasing its wide range of products and capabilities in
the ground tactical and avionics sectors.

Ground tactical sector: SWave™ Radio in both the vehicular and the handheld versions, a scalable
compact SDR (Software Defined Radio) 4-channels system based on a state of the art technology that
will be the standard and the heart of every military communication in next years; Guardian, a combat
proven system to protect land troops and military vehicles against Remotely Controlled Improvised
Explosive Devices (RCIED) threat.

Avionics: LOAM (Laser Obstacle Avoidance & Monitoring), a state-of-the-art navigational aid system
for rotary wing platforms able to detect potentially dangerous obstacles in flight and warn the crew to
implement timely and effective avoiding manoeuvres; M424, a new generation IFF (Identification
Friend or Foe) Transponder able to satisfy the broad spectrum of IFF requirements established for
modern aircraft and helicopters (Stanag 4193), identifying both military (Mode 5) and civil aircraft
(Mode S); ANV-353, a new generation Doppler Velocity Sensor that provides a continuous and
accurate three axes velocity measurement for both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft applications; AS-
3000, a TETRA mobile terminal built in full compliance with avionic specifications, to extend TETRA
services to users in helicopters and light aircraft; CM117, a multiprotocol digital voice/data crypto
device for airborne, naval and land tactical applications; designed for use on a wide range of civil
aircraft, 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B/TIS-B Airborne Receiver is a key technology for air
traffic management to locate and identify en route aircraft as well as those in the airport area through a
satellite-based system.

SELEX Communications’ presence in India stretches back over 20 years. It supplies avionic, tactical
and naval communications systems either directly to end-customers or in partnership with leading
local companies, such as HAL and BEL. In the near future, SELEX Communications could provide its
proven expertise in secure military communication and next-generation systems, through some of the
major domestic programmes under way supporting tactical communications and the
telecommunications component of the Battle Management System for the Indian Army.

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