Selex Communications participates in TETRA World Congress 2011

Selex Communications participates in TETRA World Congress 2011

From the 24th to the 27th of May, SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica company, participates as

GOLD Sponsor in the TETRA World Congress 2011, at the Hungexpo in Budapest, stand no C 301.

TWC at its thirteenth edition is the most important worldwide event concerning telecommunication

technologies based on TETRA standard.

In SELEX Communications’ stand divided into three areas (Infrastructures, Terminals and

Applications) three new products are exhibited for the first time: ElettraSuite TIN (TETRA IP Node),

solution for network infrastructures; PERSEUS WiNN Mobile V2, network interface for applications

within the Transportation sector; and ElettraSuite VS4000 vehicular terminal. The following solutions

are also exhibited: ElettraSuite PUMA T3 Plus and ElettraSuite PUMA T3 Plus2 Ex terminals;

PERSEUS XCO 2020 terminal for control rooms; PERSEUS WiNN Mesh and ElettraSuite BS Node

network solutions; ElettraSuite Dispatch Console and FPG3 enhanced data management systems.

Within the stand a replica of Ferrari F2005 100 is exhibited, as a token of the partnership which has

been binding both companies since 2006 thanks to TETRA technology. SELEX Communications

supplies Ferrari with a TETRA system for radio communications between pit personnel and pilots, able

to cope with extreme and highly competitive conditions, such as sport events where the car is


During the event SELEX Communications arranges two meetings: on the 24th of May, within the

workshop “An Introduction to TETRA, TETRA technologies developed by the company are

presented; during the second day, within the session Industry insight-where is TETRA going?, two

speeches occur: Evaluating the Evolution of TETRA in a Multi Technology Environment to Meet

Current and Future Operational needs and Panel Brainstorm: Ensuring Large Scale Event Security –

Sharing Best Practice and Planning for Forthcoming Events.

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