SELEX Communications and TETRASVYAZ present the TETRA network for the Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Russian Federation

SELEX Communications and TETRASVYAZ present the TETRA network for theWinter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Russian Federation

At TETRA World Congress 2010 – the most important event in the sector of TETRA communications, Singapore 25-27 May – SELEX Communications, a Finmeccanica company, and TETRASVYAZ present the TETRA network for the Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Russian Federation. The networking project will be developed within the framework of the agreements signed by the Italian and the RussianGovernments in 2009.

The Olympic Games network – which will be one of the largest professional radio communication networks as TETRA standard in the Eastern Europe – will cover a significant part of Krasnodar, the region where Sochi is located, including the area of the Olympic facilities, settlements, airports and transport means of the Black sea coast of Russia. The network will be failsafe, designed for equipment operation in twenty-four-hour unattended mode, including 90 base stations and 2 switching and control nodes.

Construction works will be performed by TETRASVYAZ and the Russian state corporation Olympstroy, while the Italian Selex Communications’ infrastructure equipment has been chosen for development of the network.

SELEX Communications TETRA network for the 2014 Olympic Games will include communications control center, dispatching center, antenna feeders, commutation units, base stations and subscribers equipment; connection to telephone network of general use will be also provided. TETRA radio communication, as reliable telecommunication resource, will serve as a key element in provision of safety for the facilities, the participants and the guests of the Winter Olympics and for the Krasnodar region as a whole. The network will also provide data transfer from GLONASS satellites and monitoring services for mobile facilities, in the interest of state and commercial users.

Due to the joint effort of the companies, the network was designed considering maximum use of TETRA standard. Fluent migration to the standard of the next generation TETRA-2 upon launch will be provided. The project started in 2009 and the network designing took 7 months. At present, construction of the first stage- 10 TETRA base stations – has been completed. The second stage of network construction covers erection of 35 telecommunication facilities. All works will be completed in 2012.

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