Sectra to deliver TETRA crypto to Swedish National Public Safety Network

Sectra to deliver TETRA crypto to Swedish National Public Safety Network

Linkping, Sweden, June 24, 2008- Sectra has received an assignment from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) to deliver a crypto solution that protects the voice communications of the police, the Coast Guard and the Defense Forces, among other agencies, in Rakel, the Swedish National Public Safety Network.

The Rakel National Public Safety Network is based on TETRA digital radio technology and is a common radio system for organizations in society involved in public safety, security and health. Rakel is used by Sweden’s public safety agencies, including the police, fire departments, rescue services, customs and Coast Guard as well as the Defense Forces. Sectra’s encryption solution ensures eavesdrop-secure conversations and is on a SIM card inserted in TETRA telephones used in Rakel today. The crypto functions regardless of TETRA supplier whereby the authorities and the user can select TETRA telephones based on own preferences with retained overall security.

“It is strategically important for us to be entrusted to deliver encryption to such a large national project as Rakel represents,” says Jan-Olof Brer, President and CEO of Sectra. “Sectra has a long tradition of providing the Swedish Defense Forces and authorities with crypto and now we are including more functions critical to society such as the public safety agencies.”

Rakel – radio communications for effective command and control
Rakel is based on the international TETRA standard used to ensure radio connections within and between critical public safety functions. Rakel is being built out in Sweden through 2010 and is used by government authorities, county councils, municipalities and commercial parties involved in public safety, security and health as well as the Defense Forces. The government has assigned the Swedish Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) the mission of building out, owning and managing Rakel. Currently, the system is operative in Stockholm, Malm, Gothenburg and other locations.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Jan-Olof Brer, CEO and President Sectra AB, +46 (0)13 23 52 09

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