Sectra enhances security for public safety agencies

Sectra enhances security for public safety agencies

Sectra’s Tetra crypto is used by public safety agencies in Sweden to protect calls from eavesdropping in the TETRA based radio system Rakel. The Swedish Defense Material Administration is now ordering new security functions from Sectra that will enable users to securely send text messages and location coordinates. The order value is about SEK 5 Million.

“Public officials who communicate information critical to society often need strong protection from eavesdropping. With Sectra’s Tetra crypto, calls are protected effectively, and the new security functions increase the ability to use Rakel securely,” says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications.

Use of Sectra’s Tetra crypto in Rakel began during Sweden’s EU Presidency and comprises enhanced protection from eavesdropping. Protection is now being strengthened for sensitive text messages and location coordinates. The order also includes support for more terminal models. Further development of Sectra’s Tetra crypto will take place during 2010.

Protection of critical communications

Rakel is a TETRA based radio system used in Sweden by public safety agencies, such as the police, rescue, customs and the coast guard services. Rakel currently has 22,500 subscribers and is expected to have a total of 50,000 subscribers when it is fully deployed. Sectra’s Tetra crypto protects calls from eavesdropping and is used with terminals from the largest manufacturers. This gives users the freedom to choose the terminal that best meets their specific requirements and at the same time maintain shared security.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Michael Bertilsson, President Sectra Communications AB, +46 (0)708-23 52 25
Dr. Jan-Olof Brer, CEO and President Sectra AB, +46 (0)13-23 52 09

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