Secapp and Telia join forces to ensure delivery of Secapp’s critical alert messages

Telia and Secapp have made a distribution deal, catering to the critical communication needs of customers – the Finnish Secapp is a SaaS service for situations requiring preparedness and fast reaction, and this collaboration strengthens Telia’s 4G and 5G network services and enables faster and more reliable delivery of alert messages to Secapp users, even in network congestion situations, through Telia’s private networks.

Secapp is used for organizational needs related to preparedness, fast reacting and maintaining operational capability around the clock. Secapp has over 120 000 users in 15 different countries, and it is used for sending millions of alert messages per year.

The user base of the service consists of, among others, security of supply operators, security organizations, public administration, and process manufacturing. In Finland, Secapp’s customers include entities such as the Finnish Tax Administration, The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Port of Helsinki, and several wellbeing areas.

Secapp enhances the reaching of people and groups critical to the situation. Secapp can be used on all common devices, and whenever the device has an Internet connection. With Telia’s private networks, the delivery of Secapp’s critical alerts can be ensured during disruptions, as if using its own lane. In this case, alert messages are delivered quickly and reliably, regardless of other network traffic. The service operates within Telia’s network areas with a separate order.

“Secapp is a versatile application that saves time and money and reduces manual work, while enhancing personnel safety. It enables quick forming of situational awareness and offers tools for real time communication, regardless of time and place. Secapp protects people and the operational environment both in daily routines, as well as challenging exceptional situations”, says Mika Myllymäki, the Senior Business Manager of Telia.

Secapp operates on Telia’s network using 4G or 5G technology. Critical data traffic is logically isolated from the rest of the network and only devices connected to the service can access the network. Device traffic is directed straight to Secapp’s servers. In network congestions, the virtual network’s performance is ensured on its own lane.

“We’re happy to provide a domestic solution, designed to meet the critical communications needs of our customers. Acquiring the service is also easy. Moving forward, it can be ordered directly from Telia, and Secapp will deliver the SaaS service to the customers”, Myllymäki explains.

Until now, Secapp has enabled omnichannel critical communication and alerting in the application environment, text messages, automatic calls, and authority communication (Virve in Finland and TETRA worldwide).

Now the service can be expanded to even more fault-tolerant operation with the help of Telia by incorporating alert messages delivered through the 5G private network into Secapp’s service offering. Existing Secapp customers can naturally continue to use the service as usual, with the new service providing additional capabilities for more effective preparedness.

“The collaboration with Telia opens up the possibility to reach and help even more customer organizations, and at the same time brings new services as part of Secapp’s critical communication selection. The delivery of critical alerts can be ensured even better with Telia’s private network. We’re proud to contribute together to our customer’s preparedness, safety and communication solutions.”, says Kari Aho, the CEO of Secapp.

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