Samsung ship-building extends TETRA with Sepura

Samsung ship-building extends TETRA with Sepura

Since 2005, Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje shipyard in South Korea has used Sepura TETRA radios. Expansion of the TETRA project is now underway to extend the use of Sepura hand-helds across the entire operation over the next three years.

The Geoje shipyard has the world’s highest dock turnover rate. To maintain this lead, Samsung is committed to taking advantage of the latest technical innovations throughout all aspects of operations, including communications. By 2005, the facility’s existing analogue radio system was running at full capacity, offering poor quality of service and limited functionality. TETRA technology and Sepura radios provided the solution.

The first phase of Samsung Heavy Industries’ TETRA system was put into operation in March 2005. The TETRA network links the main office and the production office buildings to a number of roaming ‘talk groups’. This configuration offers coverage for the entire site, allowing teams to communicate around even the largest ship-building projects.

The Sepura hand-held radios supplied to Samsung Heavy Industries are the lightest and smallest on the market, easy to use and provide a Korean language user interface. Using Sepura radios, staff in the main office building benefit from simplified management and control of traffic and network resources. Field operators in the shipyard experience clearer voice quality even in noisy environments, and can easily organise flexible talk groups for more effective communication.

The improvements to Geoje’s communications infrastructure made possible by Sepura technology are enabling Samsung Heavy Industries to maintain a leading role in the ship-building industry.

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