Samdale Launches TETRA Survey Tools

Samdale Launches TETRA Survey Tools

Samdale, world leaders in TETRA Network validation and optimisation have recently launched a suite of tools to enable operators and users of TETRA Networks to perform detailed performance analysis and network optimisation.

ARTEMIS is the company’s Field Survey application based around a comprehensive TETRA Signal Engine licensed from the leading TETRA Terminal manufacturer – Sepura.

ARTEMIS provides data capture, real-time analysis and active testing functions to enable first-line analysis of TETRA Service Performance.

Uniquely ARTEMIS uses a range of performance metrics that record not just Signal Strength and Quality but many other factors that can affect service performance such as Configuration, Co-Channel Interference, Path Delay Problems and Handover Performance.

ARTEMIS plots performance data in real-time on the integrated Microsoft MapPoint™ moving map.

ARTEMIS produces a unified log file which marks every signal event with GPS Position, Date, Time, Heading and Speed which can be further post-processed by Samdale’s APOLLO Analysis System.

APOLLO provides the capability to post-process one or more ARTEMIS log files in comprehensive detail when required.

APOLLO produces Mapping Data for export to third party applications such as MapInfo™ in addition to the automatically produced RSSI, Service Level, Affiliation Activity and Frequency Maps in both MapPoint™ and Google Earth™ formats.

APOLLO provides a detailed breakdown of service performance metrics by RSSI Level, Base Site and Transceiver/Frequency so that problems can be isolated quickly and efficiently.

APOLLO also provides data drill-down facilities to assist with TETRA Network

Optimisation in terms of Cell Handover Performance and Call Setup Success.

Samdale’s survey tools have been developed extensively during the work of assisting more than 35% of the United Kingdom’s Police Forces with validation of their TETRA Service during migration to the world’s largest Public Safety TETRA Network.

Samdale was established in 1987 and also provides Training, Consultancy, Terminals and Infrastructure.Samdale is a Sepura Application Partner and provides bespoke application solutions to a demanding clientele.

Samdale can be contacted by email to telephone on +44 (0) 1621 829623.

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