Rohill validated and certified the comprehensive C3 Solution from Siemens Convergence Creators

Rohill recently validated and certified the C3 Solution from Siemens Convergence Creators for interconnection and seamless cooperation with Rohill’s TetraNode networks.

The Siemens “IFDS” C3 Solution sets a new standard. More than just an intelligent Dispatcher and AVL system, the solution serves as a single and seamless interface to all communications systems and brings these together for efficient C3 operations. This means swiftly providing the optimum answers during critical situations.

The Siemens C3 solution unleashes a simple, user-friendly interface and ensures that operators are provided with the information they need, when they need it. This leads to further reductions in response time and operator workload and increases safety & reliability.

This C3 solution is designed from the start to fit into all budgets without restricting the options for growth and system expansion if needed. The solutions are available as both IP line and wireless connected variants. The applications are fully scalable and cover all the requirements from Entry Level “Lite” to fully featured nationwide C3 solutions. The “Lite” Version can be easily upgraded to include the more advance features at a later point and thereby ensures that any existing investments are fully protected.


Inge Vos
Sales Coordinator

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