Rohill to refresh Andorra Telecom TETRA network

Andorra Telecom, managing and operating all Andorran telecommunications services, awarded Rohill to refresh their TetraNode TETRA network. Andorra Telecom manages the TETRA system, which was put into service in 2006 in Andorra, through a completely independent network with maximum redundancy levels. Main users of the national TETRA network include police, fire brigades and health service & ambulances and therefore, the network is designed to operate in a true multi-agency environment.

The refreshment will consist of two phases to be executed before the start of the upcoming winter season. In phase one, the switching platform of the network will be replaced by the new generation TetraNode High End platform. The second phase includes the replacement of the base stations equipped with last generation R-8070 transceivers.

Commenting on the refreshment of their TetraNode network, Alberto Sáenz de Ugarte, CTO of Andorra Telecom, said, “We are convinced that TETRA will remain the best solution for mission-critical voice communications in the next coming years. The upgrade of the switching and the base stations means we can continue to guarantee mission critical communication for our public services customer base with maximum coverage throughout the region.”

Antoine Stokkink, Business Development Director for Rohill, comments: “We are extremely pleased with Andorra Telecom’s commitment for TETRA in general and TetraNode in particular. We are excited to continue our long-term relationship with Andorra Telecom.”


About Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom was formed in 1975. It is a public operator which manages and operates all Andorran telecommunications services as fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, Internet and international communications. Andorra Telecom is also responsible for managing the technical infrastructure and national broadcasting networks related to radio and Terrestrial Digital Television. Andorra Telecom is controlled and managed with full responsibility to the Government of Andorra.

About Rohill

Rohill Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands is a communications technology company dedicated to the development of professional mobile communications systems for mission-critical applications. Over the years Rohill has gained a strong reputation in supplying leading-edge hardware and software radio communications products to mission critical environments. Its expertise and organization further allow Rohill to offer a wide range of customer-specific solutions.

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