Rohill TetraNode system passed fire test at KaiTec

Rohill customer KaiTec is using Rohill TETRA equipment to secure indoor coverage of buildings for the German BDBOS network. For public safety agencies, it is necessary for operational and tactical reasons to have sufficient radio coverage in specific buildings and other physical structures, especially those with a major risk of fire or explosion.

The quality of coverage is influenced by the status of the nearest TETRA base station. Therefore, when a building is on fire, it is extremely important that the TETRA system will continue to function as long as possible. To assure the longest possible availability of the TETRA system, several measures have been taken in the network design, such as the application of a fire-resistant cabinet.

In order to prove that the communication is still available after 90 minutes in a fire, a fire resistance test has been initiated by KaiTec. The test, according to the DIN EN 1363-1 standard, was conducted at Materialprüfungsanstalt (MPA) of the University of Stuttgart.

During and after 90 minutes of fire with a temperature of up to 1200 °C, the TetraNode system was still functional and communication remained possible both during and after the test.

The successful completion of this fire resistance test confirms that the ordered TetraNode system meets the criteria of performance and functionality for the best possible indoor coverage.



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