Rohill successfully finalizes IOP test with Motorola

Rohill successfully finalized the latest Interoperability (IOP) test of Rohill’s TetraNode with Motorola terminals. The Interoperability test was completed within two weeks and performed at the Rohill headquarters in Hoogeveen.

The TETRA Association developed the Interoperability Certification process in order to ensure users and equipment suppliers would benefit from a truly open multivendor market for TETRA systems and equipment. Users can be confident that products awarded an IOP certificate have been rigorously tested and the functions listed in the certificate fully meet the TETRA standard. This allows users who select equipment from a number of suppliers to reduce the amount of system integration and testing that they need to undertake.

TETRA Interoperability testing and certification is carried out on behalf of the TETRA Association by ISCOM – Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e delle Tecnologie dell’Informazione – laboratory of the Italian Communications Department of the Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.

Lenard Molhoek, Product Manager at Rohill, comments: “We are very pleased with the completion of this IOP test. With interoperability being a standard key feature of Rohill solutions, the successful completion of this Interoperability test has again confirmed that Rohill’s TetraNode infrastructure can seamlessly operate with all major terminal providers. This enables our customers to make the optimum choices of devices to support their operation.”

About Rohill

Rohill Engineering B.V. in the Netherlands is a communications technology company dedicated to the development of professional mobile communications systems for mission-critical applications. Over the years Rohill has gained a strong reputation in supplying leading-edge hardware and software radio communications products to mission critical environments. Its expertise and organization further allow Rohill to offer a wide range of customer-specific solutions.


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