Rohill successfully completed Factory Acceptance Tests for Greifswald

The Factory Acceptance Tests for Stadtwerke Greifswald were conducted at Rohill’s Headquarters in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, to demonstrate the functionality and features of the ordered system.

Rohill and global partner Kapsch have been selected to provide a TetraNode TETRA network for Stadtwerke Greifswald. The solution consists of a turnkey TETRA solution with critical voice and data applications for power utility Stadtwerke Greifswald, including the smart grid (EEG) control and management of alternative energy production (wind, solar).

Stadtwerke Greifswald GmbH is a municipal energy supply and service organization in Greifswald.  The utility supplies electricity, gas, district heating and water to more than 60,000 people in the city of Greifswald.

The successful completion of the tests confirms that the ordered TetraNode system meets the criteria of performance and functionality and that the system is ready for shipment and installation.


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