Rohill receives two International TETRA Awards for strong innovations

Rohill has won the Green TETRA Award for its entry “Power Saving Innovations”, and was finalist in the category Best TETRA Innovations for the “TETRA over LTE” innovation shown at TETRA World Congress 2011 jointly with Alcatel-Lucent.

According to the judges, Rohill deserves the Green TETRA Award by a wide margin with “an innovative technical approach to reduce base station power consumption”. These innovations include a highly optimised architecture for the base station hardware, and turning off the transmitter during onuses traffic channel timeslots. This results in much lower power consumption compared to the scenario of pro-actively switching off and on the transmitter for all timeslots simultaneously.

Significant Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) savings can be achieved by the reduced need for air condition (if needed at all) and reduced battery backup capacity. Even more significant Operational Expenditure (OPEX) savings are achieved by lower energy consumption and lower failure rate of base stations due to lower component temperatures.

Regarding the environment, the lower energy consumption results in significant lower carbon emission, lower pollution levels caused by manufacturing and disposal of smaller backup batteries, and the ability to power base stations by solar panels.

“We are very pleased to receive this Award, while it is a strong recognition of the ability of our R&D teams to turn innovation in excellent products” says Bert Bouwers, CTO of Rohill. “Our partners and end-users of our solutions understand the advantages of the TetraNode soft switch based architecture, resulting in lower cost of ownership, which is ultimately proven by this Award. With the received TETRA Awards, Rohill has again proven its leading position in Mission Critical communication networks”.

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