Rohill Certifies Zetron as Application Partner

Successful testing and certification has just been completed on a new Zetron interface connecting Zetron’s Advanced Communications (Acom EVO) system to Rohill’s TetraNode trunked TETRA radio infrastructure. This confirms the two systems’ ability to integrate seamlessly together and officially certifies Acom EVO as an application partner to Rohill.

Redmond, WA, U.S.A., November 13, 2013 – Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions worldwide, announced that, as a result of the successful testing of its new interface connecting Zetron’s Advanced Communications (Acom EVO) system to Rohill’s TetraNode trunked TETRA radio infrastructure, Rohill has certified Zetron and its Acom EVO system as an application partner.  Rohill is a trunked TETRA network solutions provided based in the Netherlands.

Zetron plans to offer the combined Acom EVO-TetraNode solution worldwide for future TETRA projects involving Rohill. This includes CSE Transtel’s deployment of a telecommunications system for the Ichthys Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project off the coast of Western Australia that will support several key offshore facilities, including a semi-submersible central processing facility, a floating production storage and offloading unit, and an 885 kilometer (550 mile) pipeline to a processing plant at Darwin, Australia.

“We are pleased that our partnership with Rohill has produced an interface that not only connects our Acom EVO console system seamlessly with Rohill’s TetraNode infrastructure, but has been rigorously tested and certified,” said Ranjan Bhagat, Vice President and General Manager, Zetron Australasia. “This is an important development for Zetron, Rohill, and both companies’ customers. It means customers can be confident that they will get the top-notch features, reliability and functionality Rohill and Zetron are known for in a fully integrated solution. It also opens the door for Zetron and Rohill to develop comprehensive Acom EVO-TetraNode solutions for other mission-critical customers throughout the world who require this level of integrated communications. This adds yet another interface to the long list of those Zetron supports—more than any other console manufacturer.”

“Rohill is proud that Zetron’s Acom console system has been successfully integrated with Rohill’s TetraNode solution,” said Rohill Product Manager, Harjo Otten. “As one of the first deployments, Acom consoles are to be delivered to CSE Transtel, and we expect many more to be delivered to other Rohill networks world-wide.”

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