Rio de Janeiro public safety TETRA network continues to grow with TELTRONIC

August 16th, 2010 – Rio de Janeiro Military Police acquire 900 new police cars and 350 motorcycles equipped with TELTRONIC TETRA terminals

TELTRONIC has been associated with the Brazilian PMR market since the late 1990s, having set up its first office in Sao Paulo over a decade ago in order to provide customers with the most advanced radio-communications solutions available. In recent years, a number of high profile customers from a wide range of industry sectors have upgraded to digital technology, allowing TELTRONIC to gain a dominant position in the Brazilian TETRA market.

A major milestone for TELTRONIC came back in 2007 when the company supplied the communications network for the Pan-American Games held in Rio de Janeiro. This major contract worth some 23 million euros, required the Spanish manufacturer to supply a TETRA solution with as many as 14,000 terminals for multiple agencies. Following the Games, network coverage was expanded and enhanced to provide communications across the whole Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area.

This means that Rio de Janeiro currently has one of the largest public safety TETRA networks deployed anywhere in Latin America, with as many as 9,000 users connected to the system. This figure is about to grow even further following the purchase by Rio de Janeiro Military Police of 900 new police cars and 350 motorcycles which have been equipped with TELTRONIC TETRA terminals. This is an important vote of confidence in TETRA and TELTRONIC by Rio Police.

TELTRONIC has made every effort to provide Rio de Janeiro with the very best communications solution possible. A DMO (Direct Mode) Gateway combined with additional sites has provided additional coverage and reduced the possibility of dropped calls in sometimes challenging terrain. Terminals come with GPS to allow vehicles to be tracked and to give extra protection to police officers. TELTRONIC has also developed specialised motorcycle units with customised features for simplified operation during high-speed deployments.

“TELTRONIC’s TETRA network is a critical component of Rio de Janeiro’s public safety strategy and we are happy with the level of support provided by TELTRONIC,” stated Major Fabio Cajueiro, Chief Information Officer, Rio de Janeiro Military Police.

TELTRONIC continues to grow the Brazilian and Latin American TETRA market, maintaining its dominant position due to its total commitment to the region and its superior Ethernet/IP-based technology solution and robust, highly functional, user-friendly, high-power terminals.

For further information, please contact:Peter Clemons, Director of Communications, Teltronic S.A.U.:Tel.

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