Regular testing of TETRA phones ensures safe and reliable communication

Regular testing of TETRA phones ensures safe and reliable communication

Willtek’s 2303 Stabilock is the first TETRA tester for service

Ismaning (Germany) and Cheadle Hulme (Cheshire, UK), 12June2007 – Today, at the TETRA World Congress in Madrid, Willtek Communications is launching a major development in the easy testing of TETRA mobile phones – the 2303 Stabilock. The new Stabilock is a test instrument exclusively designed for testing TETRA phones in service and repair shops. The 2303 Stabilock is easy to set up and can be operated with a few keys only and a simple user interface; yet it offers the complete functionality needed to test all relevant transmitter and receiver parameters.

Tom Riedl, Product Marketing Manager at Willtek Communications, said:”Test equipment for the PMR and PAMR markets has always been on offer from Willtek and other vendors; but Willtek’s 2303 Stabilock is the first tester that reduces functionality and associated complexity, size, and, last but not least, price, to what the service shops for public safety and security organisations require. Officers can finally check staff equipment with the Stabilock at regular intervals, ensuring safe and reliable communication where it is needed.”

When police and other public safety and security officers assign their staff to a critical mission, the only way they can fully rely on their TETRA radios is if they are being tested regularly. Although the first TETRA networks were put into operation a decade ago, the 2303 Stabilock is the first tester designed solely for the service of TETRA phones. Service managers responsible for the radio equipment can now use the affordable instrument to ensure that the radios are fully operational; this is particularly important for public safety and security organisations where lives may depend on proper communication tools.
With optional Autorun test sequences, checking TETRA radios with the 2303 Stabilock becomes even easier because Autorun produces an unequivocal Go/NoGo result. This means that even untrained personnel can perform the tests with the Stabilock.

While the basic Stabilock tests TETRA radios in trunked mode by simulating a TETRA base station, there is also a Direct Mode Operation (DMO) option available to test radios communicating directly with each other. This may be useful for DMO-only equipment or for operators who want to ensure that both modes are fully functional in the mobile phone at hand.

The Stabilock can easily be used in the field because it is small, lightweight and robust. Vehicle-mounted TETRA radios do not have to be dismounted for testing, because they can be tested in the vehicle with a Stabilock that is equipped with an optional battery. The Stabilock’s large handles protect the instrument against mechanical impact and shock, while the instrument itself has a footprint and a front panel both smaller than an A4 sheet.
The 2303 Stabilock builds on Willtek’s tradition of designing precise, easy-to-use and robust instruments for mobile radios under the Stabilock brand. Predecessors of the 2303 Stabilock include the STABILOCKs 4031, 4032 and 4040.

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