Radio IP Software Significantly Improves Performance for TETRA Network Users

Radio IP Software Significantly Improves Performance for TETRA Network Users

Connectionware integrates applications and networks for seamless data blanket

TETRA World Congress – Madrid, Spain, June 12, 2007 – Radio IP Software, Inc., the leader in secure connectionware solutions for public and private wireless networks and TETRA MoU Association member, today announced that it significantly improves transmission of IP data over TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) networks. Radio IP MTGTMsoftware improves the rate of data transfer over TETRA networks up to 154 times. Compression, security and connectivity capabilities provide users with the ability to maximize network performance for data-rich IP applications and enable multi-network interoperability.

Many TETRA network users are unable to realize the full potential of their investment, limiting their use to voice capabilities. While low-bandwidth networks are often unable to support data-intense applications, with Radio IP MTG, users can introduce data applications such as computer-aided dispatch and certain records management systems without experiencing data backlog or crashing networks. Radio IP MTG compresses data to increase the transmission rate of files and the amount of data that can be sent over the network at a given time. In laboratory tests on Motorola Dimetra (a TETRA network), 4.37 MB files traveled 154 times faster when Radio IP MTG was installed.

“TETRA users require reliable network connections to support data performance in the field,”said Mike Bourre, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Radio IP Software.”The evolution of TETRA networks hinges on the industry partnerships that will provide interoperable solutions to create innovative implementations. Radio IP Software works closely with application and network providers to ensure agencies can achieve their unique communication goals.”

Radio IP MTG enables TETRA users to add broadband IP networks to existing infrastructures to take advantage of high-bandwidth applications such as receiving license plate numbers and mug shots. As users travel, the connectionware seamlessly switches between networks for a unified, transparent experience. The connectionware also includes Mobile VPN technology to ensure the data is secured as it travels over the network.

The TETRA standard was designed to support Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users in the field of public safety, government, oil and gas, military, utilities and transportation. The network enables a large number of users to be assigned to a small number of communication channels. Manufacturers providing open standard, TETRA-based solutions can partner with Radio IP Software to enhance offerings for agencies requiring enhanced connectivity, security, and throughput.

Radio IP Software provides connectionware solutions to keep agencies connected to public and private wireless networks. Whether agencies leverage a single private network, or a combination of network standards, Radio IP Software provides the end user with a seamless transparent experience and significantly increases data transmission rates. Meeting customer needs through its own solution and its work with strategic partners, Radio IP Software improves the interoperability between wireless networks, devices and software applications.

About Radio IP Software, Inc.
More than 400 organizations worldwide have installed Radio IP Software’s wireless connectionware products since the company was established in 1998. Privately-held Radio IP Software’s feature-rich family of applications, including its flagship Radio IP MTG product, helps companies and agencies overcome the performance and connectivity challenges inherent to wireless networks. The result is faster mission response time and increased productivity through connection reliability and enhanced network security and performance. Radio IP Software supports legacy and new high-speed broadband networks enabling mobile users to seamlessly roam in a diverse range of public and private wireless network environments integrating all networks under a single interoperable TCP/IP standard. Ideally suited for organizations whose geographically-dispersed mobile workforces depend on mission-critical and safety-critical data, Radio IP Software’s customers are largely in the public safety, utility, military and transportation sectors.

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