Proven Radiocommunications Technology of Airbus Enhances Exhibition “ShieldAfrica”


Airbus presents its radio communications solutions at the event in Abidjan,
Ivory Coast, from 24 to 26 January 2017

Elancourt, 17 January 2017 – To support the economic development of African societies and
governments in a challenging security context, Airbus Defence and Space will show its latest
radiocommunications technologies at the exhibition “ShieldAfrica” in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in
late January 2017.

Police, firefighters and rescue services in Africa are increasingly in demand of more
advanced and secured mobile communication tools. “ShieldAfrica” serves as a platform to
discuss security applications which require sophisticated Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)
technology on the continent.

“Government organisations, such as police and emergency first responder services, need
secure communications infrastructures for the whole of their national territory and also for
critical sites, such as airports, ports and stadiums,” says Philippe Devos, Head of Strategic
Campaigns and Government Affairs of Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “We can
offer the needed communication means in Africa based on our profound experience as a
world-leading PMR provider.”

“Shieldafrica” is a key event for the African security and defence sectors and hosts the major
players in this field, for instance African governments, the global security and defence
industry and representatives of diplomacy. Besides showing newest achievements in mission
critical communications, Airbus will also showcase the following solutions:

• Tetra digital radio systems associated with modern command and control
applications and handheld radios can support effectively shared network
deployment models. With these systems at hand, dispatching positions of vehicles
or persons can be managed easily by geolocalising Tetra subscribers or groups.

• The Tactilon Agnet app brings Tetra push-to-talk to an LTE smartphone. It allows
users of commercial LTE networks to communicate securely within mission-critical
Tetra networks.

• The Tactilon Dabat, a smartphone and full Tetra radio in one device, enables
users, such as police or firefighters, to operate securely with multimedia functions.

For more than 25 years, Airbus has equipped various governments around the world with
resilient PMR communications infrastructures and solutions. The company has a proven
track record of nationwide deployments providing interoperability to all security users

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