PowerTrunk Supplies Metro Rail TETRA System for Sydney

PowerTrunk has supplied a TETRA digital radio communications network for a metro train project in Sydney, Australia. The scope of the project includes TETRA radio network infrastructure, portable handheld and specialized on-board radio equipment, and its CeCoTRANS dispatch solution.

The CeCoTRANS dispatch system furthermore includes the incorporation of dynamic metro line schematics in order to enhance the operation of driverless trains.  The PowerTrunk system was provided through MCS Digital of Melbourne, Australia, and MCS Digital was recently recognized for “Best Use of Critical Communications in Transport” by the International Critical Communications Awards (ICCA) for its accomplishments for the project.

MCS Digital’s Managing Director, Jane Perton, described the award as the proudest moment of her 28 years with the company and added, “To be recognized on the international stage for the successful delivery of a world-class project in the critical communications space is truly gratifying.  This award is a wonderful recognition of the efforts of the MCS Digital team and our partners PowerTrunk in the US and Teltronic in Spain.  I am so proud of the team, and it was truly a global effort.”

Jose Martin, CEO of PowerTrunk, commented, “We are delighted that PowerTrunk’s customer, MCS Digital, has received this prestigious award.  The TETRA network infrastructure and radio terminals for the project are manufactured by PowerTrunk’s parent companies Teltronic S.A.U. and UK-based Sepura Ltd.  TETRA was selected for the metro radio network due to its outstanding speech quality, background noise cancellation, and superior data communications capabilities.”

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