Polish Police signs acceptance protocol Rohill TetraNode networks

Rohill and local Rohill partners Maxto and IP Connect have successfully completed the TETRA communications network migration from Dimetra to Rohill TetraNode in Warsaw, Szczecin and Krakow. The TetraNode system is already fully operational since eight  months and has now been formally accepted by the customer after an extensive period of testing.

The migration in Szczecin and Krakow has been performed in June, 2016. The capital Warsaw migrated in the beginning of November, 2016. The migration of the live-systems was completed without any impact on network services. All policemen kept using their TETRA-radio during the migration, no reprogramming was required.

The former Polish police TETRA networks were based on Motorola Dimetra IP. These systems have been replaced by state-of-the-art TetraNode technology. TetraNode, the full IP based soft-switch solution from Rohill, offers smooth integration with LTE networks, if required. The Rohill TetraNode networks in the cities of Warsaw, Szczecin and Krakow operate via secure IP. They provide secure, critical communications in these three major Polish cities.

When it comes to public safety, TetraNode is the preferred choice. The carrier-grade switching platform ensures the highest grade of availability. In addition, integration with modern IP/MPLS-based backhaul networks is fully supported. TetraNode incorporates powerful dispatch features, including pre-emption of ongoing voice calls, PTT override, a patch functionality to instantly interconnect groups, and discreet as well as ambience listening. As a unique feature, TetraNode allows operation and recording of end-to-end encryption communications from the control room. Finally, TetraNode enables public safety agencies to communicate in closed user groups, but it also allows multi-agency operation.

The current TetraNode networks secure in Warsaw, Szczecin and Krakow and their respective metropolitan areas a population of over 5.5 million inhabitants. As a framework agreement with Maxto and IP Connect is in place, the Polish police can order additions to the system as required, to ensure the TetraNode system fulfils the police needs in the future as well.

Antoine Stokkink, Project Manager at Rohill, comments: “We are extremely pleased with this successful migration to Rohill TetraNode. We are delighted that the public safety authorities in Poland have placed their trust in Rohill’s Technology and we are looking forward to identify the possibilities to deploy TetraNode networks in more cities. With this revolutionary migration we have again proven to be industry leader when it comes to future-proof solutions. This migration represents a significant milestone for both Rohill and the TETRA industry.”

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