Polish Police announce a tender for TETRA project in 13 cities

The National Police Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland have announced the long awaited tender for the modernization of police radio systems to the TETRA standard. The project is called: “Modernization of police radio networks in 13 cities and urban agglomerations to the ETSI TETRA standard.”

Details are not disclosed at the moment. Detailed project requirements will be published later. The contract will last for six years with an estimated value of 50 million Euros.

Among the requirements are:

  • LTE (gateway with terminals, as required);
  • The duration of the registered correspondence of at least 300,000 hours;
  • Repair Time of Main Failures – 6 hours;
  • Repair Time for Normal Failures – 48 hours;
  • Storage of data about user activity and radio groups – at least 730 days;
  • The ability to listen to at least 24 hours of the last correspondence, carried out on your own dispatch console;
  • Engineering support in the location of the primary SwMI location;

The deadline for submitting the tender is October 11, 2018. By entering the tender, the Contractor is obliged to pay a bid bond, indicating the purpose of the payment, in the amount of PLN 3,500,000.00 (0,8 millon Euros). Before signing the contract, the Ordering Party will require the selected Contractor to provide a performance bond of 10% of the gross value specified in the offer (basic contract).

Mariusz Waruszewski, Editor in Chief of TETRA Forum Poland said: “This is great news for whole industry. I am really happy that the TETRA standard will be finally deployed for the Polish Police.  It is still not a nationwide system, but I hope it will evolve into it soon. The upcoming RadioEXPO 2018 event in Warsaw should be a good occasion for wider discussion about bright future of TETRA standard in Poland.”

Source: TetraForum.pl

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