PMeV establishes Working Group: Broadband solutions for critical infrastructures and industrial enterprises

The German Association and Network for Critical Communications (PMeV) – NETZWERK SICHERE KOMMUNIKATION has established a Working Group dealing with broadband solutions for critical infrastructures and industrial enterprises. In their constituent meeting, the group members elected Dr. Frederik Giessing, Managing Director of 450connect, one of the PMeV member companies, as head of the Working Group.

Setting the course for business-critical broadband applications

The foundation of the Working Group takes place at a stage highly important for the future utilization of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) broadband applications: The Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) allocated the frequency spectrum ranging from 3.7 to 3.8 GHz to dedicated local broadband networks at the end of 2019. Power supply companies, industrial enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies can thus use this frequency range to set up their own future-oriented communication networks – also referred to as campus networks – based on 4G/LTE and the next mobile radio generation 5G. As from 2021, frequencies for broadband applications in the 450 MHz range will be made available to Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS) operators and can be used by them for the digitization of the turnaround in energy policy.

Shaping the future in close cooperation with users

“The objective target of the new Working Group is to play an active role in shaping the future digitization of the German economy. With the PMeV Network members, we provide the competence and expertise of planning companies, application developers, infrastructure operators and service providers dealing with mission- and business-critical broadband solutions in the dialogue and cooperation with KRITIS users and industrial companies and want to jointly promote new developments”, explained Dr. Frederik Giessing. The Working Group is acting as platform for the professional exchange and presents a unified image of providers and users of PMR broadband solutions; it continues the PMeV dialogue with user associations, and decision-makers in regulatory authorities and politics also in the broadband segment.

Long-term partnerships ensure business-critical communication

“In a world of critical communications there are no longer classical “buyer-and-seller” relationships. Only through long-term partnerships between all parties involved – with an understanding of mutual requirements – it is possible to reach solutions appropriate to ensure reliable, secure, efficient and fully functional mission- and business-critical communication. The creation of such an ecosystem in the upcoming broadband segment represents one of the future tasks of the PMeV Association”, said Bernhard Klinger, Chairman of the PMeV Board of Management.

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