Piciorgros’ TMO-100 TETRA Data Modem Approved for USA and Canada

Funk-Electronic Piciorgros GmbH just received their approval by the FCC for the USA and by the Industry Canada in Canada for their TMO-100 TETRA data modem.

After many successful years in the TETRA industry in Europe as well as Asia and Africa, Piciorgros is now keen on entering the North American market. The TMO-100, a SCADA and telemetry data device is the ideal solution for any application in utilities, gas and oil, water and wastewater, and many more with the variety of protocols it supports. Additionally, the DVI-100, which is a digital voice interface could be a beneficial add-on for TETRA users, to connect two infrastructures with one another, regardless of frequency, manufacturer or geographical location. Now that Piciorgros’ data modem has been approved, they will be exhibiting at three events in North American throughout the next couple of months.

“It is important to be present and to show our fantastic product to the people,” said Michael D. Piciorgros, CEO of the company, “and with our amazing partners, we will supply our beneficial products for anyone using TETRA”. With their two partners, Cartel Systems in Vancouver, Canada and Nielson Communications in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Piciorgros is looking forward to entering this new market.

Michael Piciorgros also mentions that “North American utility companies are finally able to use TETRA like the rest of the world has for many years now. This state-of-the-art technology is secure, affordable and – like no other – interoperable with any manufacturer.”

Piciorgros will exhibit their data modems at the IWCE in Las Vegas, March 13-14 stand 2562, at the UTC Expo in Houston, May 15-16 stand 635. There will also be a Canadian TETRA Road show planned by the North American TETRA Forum April 23 and 25 in Toronto and Montreal.

For more information, please visit www.TetraModem.com

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