Peter Clemons is named by Teltronics S.A.U. as its new Director of Communications

Peter Clemons is named by Teltronics S.A.U. as its new Director of Communications

10 September 2008 – The Spanish manufacturer of IP-based radio communications network solutions, Teltronic has named the well-known and highly-respected industry expert, Peter Clemons, from Maidstone, England, as its new Director of Communications.

Commercial Director, Jos Manuel Martn makes the following comments: “Teltronic has been growing its global presence in recent years. We now have the most complete TETRA solution in the market and it is clear that we are now in a position to compete with the very best. With this in mind, we are pleased to welcome Peter Clemons with his vast experience and vision as Director of Communications.”

Peter has been involved with TETRA since 1996. In 1998, he helped Teltronic set up its first office in Latin America and in 2001 became the first chairman of the TETRA SME Group defending the interests of a wide range of companies entering the global TETRA market. An editorial advisor to the prestigious global publication, RadioResource International since 2002 and an active member of the TETRA Association since 2001, Peter Clemons has developed a reputation as one of the more knowledgeable members of the TETRA community.

Peter makes the following comments: “These are exciting times for the TETRA community. A successful TETRA World Congress held in Hong Kong in May has demonstrated how far TETRA has come over the past 10 years and how relevant the technology remains today. The next 10 years promise even greater advances as next-generation solutions such as Teltronic’s TelMAX (TETRA + WiMAX) project enter the mainstream transforming the way professional organisations communicate with each other and with their public. I am privileged as Director of Communications for Teltronic to be able to help continue to build the future of professional mobile communications.”

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