PCTEL Helps Public Safety Officials Manage In-Building Communications Coverage Testing with Cloud Platform

PCTEL, Inc, a leading global provider of wireless technology solutions, announced a major new update to SeeHawk™ Central, a cloud-based automation platform that helps manage the process of testing and approving in-building communications coverage for first responders. SeeHawk Central’s new features enable public safety officials to efficiently communicate requirements, review test results, and track buildings in their jurisdiction.

As part of a broader push to ensure reliable public safety communications for first responders, fire marshals and other Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) increasingly require in-building coverage testing as a condition for a building occupancy permit. If coverage does not meet requirements, an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) must be installed and approved, and the building re-tested.

Multiple stakeholders must work together to usher buildings and ERCES through this approval process, including building owners, AHJs, providers of testing services, and managers of public safety radio networks. SeeHawk Central provides a secure cloud platform where all of these stakeholders can collaborate to streamline the testing and approval process.

“From the beginning, we envisioned SeeHawk Central as a secure platform for tracking critical communications coverage test results for any building in the United States and across the world,” said James Zik, PCTEL’s Vice President, Test and Measurement Product Management. “The first release of SeeHawk Central focused on making the testing and approval process easier for service providers with workflow automation and cloud-based reporting tools. This second release delivers significant benefits for public safety officials and building owners while adding equipment room tests used for commissioning an ERCES. Best of all, since PCTEL only charges users who upload test data, most AHJs and public safety radio system managers will be able to use SeeHawk Central for free.”

New features include:

  • Simplified tracking and management of test plans and results by jurisdiction
  • All-new, streamlined reporting interface
  • Support for more data, including equipment room tests and 3rd party test results
  • Specialized tools to compare results before and after an ERCES is installed
  • Automatic notifications with reminders of re-testing dates

The second release of SeeHawk Central will be available in November 2022 for all SeeHawk Central users.

To celebrate this launch, for a limited time PCTEL is offering a FREE 6-month SeeHawk Central subscription with each purchase of a PCTEL® public safety network testing solution kit.

Contact PCTEL to see SeeHawk Central in action now and learn more about how it can help you.


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