PCTEL Automates Critical Communications Radio Uplink Testing for Building Code Compliance

PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), a leading global provider of wireless technology solutions, announced the availability of automated uplink testing, a new feature for the PCTEL® public safety network testing solution that makes it easier to ensure high quality in-building radio coverage for first responders and other critical communications applications.

A reliable uplink signal, or the signal from a handset to the network, is crucial during an emergency in order for first responders to be able to communicate from inside a building. PCTEL’s solution is the first to enable accurate, repeatable indoor uplink testing while eliminating the need for a second technician to receive test calls. The initial release supports uplink signal quality measurements on P25 public safety radio networks in addition to uplink channel power measurements for other Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technologies.

“Automated uplink testing is the most commonly requested feature by our public safety testing customers, including radio solutions providers for private critical communications networks,” said Arnt Arvik, PCTEL’s Chief Sales Officer. “Now that an efficient, accurate, and repeatable uplink testing solution is available, we also expect more jurisdictions to incorporate uplink testing into their requirements.”

Uplink testing is included in NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and IFC (International Fire Code) standards. However, it is often unenforced under local codes due to the difficulty and unreliability of manual testing using the traditional Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) method.

Whereas DAQ testing requires two testers who subjectively grade voice quality, a single person can use PCTEL’s solution to quickly and objectively measure both the uplink and downlink signals throughout a building. With PCTEL’s solution, a second public safety testing solution kit is placed at the radio site prior to testing and operates without a technician being present. After the walk test of the building is complete, PCTEL’s SeeHawk® Touch software automatically synchronizes uplink measurements from this second public safety testing solution to produce a single report that includes both uplink and downlink test results.

With the recent additions of both uplink and commissioning tests, PCTEL now offers the most complete automated testing solution for in-building radio solution deployment and local code compliance.

PCTEL also recently launched the SeeHawk™ Central cloud platform, further streamlining the reporting process while enabling easy collaboration and access to historical data for testers, building owners, local jurisdictions, and other interested parties.

PCTEL will demonstrate the public safety network testing solution and SeeHawk™ Central platform along with its other solutions for the critical communications industry at IWCE in Las Vegas, March 23-24 at booth #2632.

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